Eric Swalwell Explains the House Impeachment Process

Eric Swalwell broke down everything you need to know about the House impeachment inquiry into Trump and what it means for you.

According to Swalwell, the inquiry is in its investigative phase, which means six House committees, including Judiciary and Intelligence, will continue to probe and gather evidence related to the president’s conduct. Impeachment refers to a vote by the House of Representatives to charge a high-ranking government official with misconduct and begins the process of removing them from office.

The constitution states that removing a high-ranking official from office requires a majority vote of the House to impeach, then followed by a 2/3 majority vote in the Senate to convict and remove, so you can impeach but not remove. The Senate then conducts its own trial.

When asked why the House would go forward with an impeachment investigation if it might get stalled in the Senate, Swalwell says we should never prejudge what the Senate is going to do.

“I came to Congress and I took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution,” he stated. “And if I see lawlessness, or my constituents believe that there’s lawlessness, where the Construction demands and my conscience requires that we hold the president accountable, I can’t think about what the Senate’s gonna do.”

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