FBI Charges Animal Rights Activists for Rescuing Piglets

Animal rights activist Wayne Hsiung faces up to 70 years in prison after rescuing piglets from horrific abuses in the nation’s largest pig farm, Smithfield Foods.
“I got a frantic call from a friend at an animal sanctuary. They said a dozen armed FBI agents has shown up, and they were looking for two baby pigs,” he explained. “Now we’re facing up to 70 years in prison and six felony charges, brought in part by prosecutors who are being paid by Smithfield Foods.”
To those asking why the government is wasting taxpayer money chasing pigs across state lines, Hsiung says the answer is money in politics.
One of the largest factory farms in the U.S. Big Ag reportedly gives millions of dollars to politicians. Under the Trump administration’s new rules, factory farmers can label their products as “organic” and giving “outdoor access,” even if they raise their animals indoors their entire lives in crowded sheds, as long as they have a little window to the outdoors.”
Hsiung also said that the act also attempts to silence whistleblowers.
“For the first time in history, non-violent activists are facing serious felony charges for factory farm investigations and rescues,” he said. “The reason, quite simply, is the industry recognizes the truth is a threat to its profits.”