Fifth Column Journalist on Border Patrol's Inhumane Practices


This journalist says border patrol is “killing” kids and the elderly.

The Fifth Column’s Justin Kin shared a story about a wounded Viet Cong trooper who ran into enemy GI troops. Instead of killing him, the troops offered him water.

“Because even in the middle of the worst year, the worst fighting of the worst war this country has ever seen, they still had the humanity to give their opposition water,” he said.

Seven-year-old Jakelin Caal recently died in Border Patrol custody. She waited 90 minutes for care after showing signs of dehydration.
“You can pump a lot of fluid into somebody in 90 minutes,” Kin said.

The journalist also called out border patrol agents who destroy supplies for immigrants along the border.

“I know right now somebody’s out there going, well, no it’s to deter the bad elements,” he said. “Well, genius, the bad elements the healthy people, the men you’re worried about, they can make it three days without water. Who you’re killing — and if you’ve done this, yeah, you’ve killed somebody. Maybe not this girl but somebody else. Her bones are out on the desert.”

Kin says the individuals who end up suffering from border patrol neglect are children, the sick, and the elderly.

“If you work for Border Patrol, you need to quit,” he urged. “Because eventually, this administration is going to leave office and you are going to be held accountable.”

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