Why Former Republican Governor Christine Todd Whitman Thinks Trump Should Resign

Former Republican governor Christine Todd Whitman thinks Trump should resign.

“I’m someone who has served as a Republican governor. I’ve served two Republican administrations, I grew up as a Republican,” she stated. “There are times when you just put policy ahead of politics. You’ve got to call out this man. I believe he should resign and I think Republicans should at least start to move in that direction.”

Whitman says the language Trump uses has bothered her from the beginning.

“The language that he uses, his demonizing people, his dismissing people and marginalizing them has always been problematic as far as I was concerned,” she said. “His attitude toward government has been an issue. I think he’s undermining some of the very basic tenets that really form our democracy.”

She encourages other Republicans to put “the country ahead of your party,” and is asking Trump to start acting presidential.

“Think before you speak. Stop with the Twitters. The tweets in the middle of the night, that doesn’t do anybody any good,” she said. “Privately there’s a lot of frustration on Capitol Hill. There are a number of members who know that this behavior is not benefitting the presidency. They know it’s doing damage to us long-term on several of the policy issues and the environment and other areas.”

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