Former Trump Organization Executive Barbara Res on Working For Trump

Barbara Res, one of Trump’s closest former allies offered an inside look into him as a boss.

She worked for Trump for more than a decade, running major construction projects, including Trump Tower.

“I have very mixed feelings about Donald Trump, which is amazing to me at this point after what he’s done,” she stated. “I think he’s a terrible president and I think that he has done bad thing for our country. But I had such a close relationship with him, that I’m sort of torn.”
Res says that Trump is getting worse in terms of his respect for people.

“I see that he tends to respect people less and less,” she said. “He tends to think of himself as being smarter and better than he did.”

She also said she thinks he has no people skills and can say anything to anyone while getting away with it.

Res disclosed that Trump has always had a problem with the truth.

“When I worked for Donald back in the old days he used to hyperbole a lot,” she said. “I don’t know that he can tell the truth in terms of his knowledge of what’s right and what’s wrong. I think he says it and then he believes it.”

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