Fox News Had a Different Reaction When Obama Wanted to Negotiate with North Korea

Fox News used to hate the idea of talking to North Korea — but since Trump has mentioned it, they’ve suddenly opened up to it.

When Obama stated that he would be susceptible to meeting “not just with our friends but our enemies,” Fox News correspondents were seriously suspicious, and hyper critical, saying they “think that’s a mistake,” that he’s “bowing and scraping before dictators” and that they’re “not sure there’s any real discussing issues with Kim Jong-un.”

But when mention was made of Trump speaking with him, their opinions seemed much different.

Geraldo Rivera stated the talks would be “breathtaking,” “audacious,” and he’d be “juiced about it.”

Sean Hannity stated, “The world will probably be a little bit safer. The media should be giving President Trump credit for that.”  

Another correspondent stated “President Trump made the decision himself to meet face-to-face with Kim Jong-un. This guy has a very unique quality of leadership."

When Obama suggests something, he’s being brazen and brash but when Trump does he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize — it appears that Fox News correspondents don’t care so much about the issues themselves as much as who is helming them and if they are sympathetic to their party.

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