Fox News Host Laura Ingraham Calls Out Trump's Wall Remarks

One of Trump’s biggest defenders, Laura Ingraham, called out his lying.

“The president also said something about the wall and its current state that made me curious,” the Fox News television correspondent stated. “I must have missed the wall being built. What wall?”

Ingraham called Trump out regarding lying about the wall, which is yet to be built.

“Stop saying it’s a wall. There’s no wall,” she said. “If you want a wall say we don’t have the wall — I know it’s bad because he made the promise, but they’re not building the wall. So you gotta stop saying that.”

650 miles of fence already exists at the border, most of which was built prior to Trump’s run for president. Under Trump, fencing has merely been repaired to replaced.

Trump has repeated this false claim so many times that the Washington Post coined a new term for it: The Bottomless Pinocchio, which means the claim is not only a complete lie, but it was also repeated at least 20 times.

Trump’s most repeated Bottomless Pinocchio is about his tax cut. In the past, he’s stated, “We’ve passed the biggest tax cut and reform in American history.” But his claims about the wall being built aren’t far behind.