The Image Rehabilitation of George W. Bush Needs To Stop

Here’s why the rehabilitation of George W. Bush needs to stop: 935. It’s the number of lies that he and his administration officials told the American public leading up to the war in Iraq. You may have noticed our former president now making rounds on the talk show circuit, appearing cute, cuddly, almost grandfatherly, and not exactly being held accountable by anybody. In the two years after 9/11, the nonpartisan Center for Public Integrity calculated the number of times that Bush and his officials lied. They calculated the number of lies about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, the number of times they lied about Iraq having links to al-Queda, etc. The results clearly show that it was a calculated misinformation campaign used to stir up public support for a war that we ended up severely regretting. And now the man who lead the U.S. into that war is getting image rehab before our very eyes. Bush has turned to art in his post-presidency years. He’s got a new book of oil paintings out that depict veterans from the post-9/11 era. There’s something to be said for atonement, and he’s donating net proceeds from his book to his own Presidential Center where he’s set up an initiative to help veterans. That’s all fine and good, but let’s not forget who sent these people to war in the first place. What happens when we rehabilitate former leaders just because they seems a little softer and less threatening than the one we have right now is that we as a society forget history, and we doom ourselves to repeat it.

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