Historian Rutger Bregman: Now is NOT the Time for Centrists

Historian Rutger Bregman argued that the last thing the United States needs right now is moderate politics.

“There are still people out there who call themselves moderates or centrists. And my message to them is just stop doing that,” he stated.
Bregman argues that we’re in a point in American history where you can’t afford to be moderate.

“If history teaches us one thing, it’s always that change never starts in the center, but it always starts on the fringes with people who are first dismissed as crazy and unreasonable and ridiculous,” he stated. “Every milestone of civilization, the end of slavery, democracy, equal rights for men and women, the welfare state. All these ideas were dismissed once as unreasonable and crazy. Until they happened.”

Bregman says the primary hurdle to any kind of political change is cynicism and this belief that nothing will ever change.

“If people suffer from cynicism, I always advise them to study history,” he stated.

So, if you’re young and want to change the world, Bregman urges you to not be afraid to be dismissed as unreasonable at times, because that is how progress starts.

“If you have a good idea, then just keep pushing for it,” he explained.