U.S. House Passes HR-8 For Comprehensive Background Checks on All Gun Sales

For the first time in years, the House of Representatives passed meaningful gun reform legislation that strengthens our background checks system and creates a foundation for a future with less guns — now it’s the Senate’s turn to do their part.

According to Guns Down’s Igor Volsky, senators who support background checks must do everything in their power to push the measure through, even if it means shutting down the Senate from considering any other business or launching an all-night filibuster.

Senator Mitch McConnell has received $1 million in NRA donations, so he was likely to be in no rush to hold a vote on universal background checks. But Volsky says that this is a time for senators looking to lead in 2020 to show that they have the skills to actually get things done, even when the odds seem stacked against them.

“Background checks are a crucial foundation for the kind of laws that will make our communities safer, and this debate is an opportunity to talk to Americans about the bold policies we need to pursue: policies like regulating the firearm industry, requiring individuals to get a license before owning a gun, and investing in community-based violence intervention programs,” he stated.  

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