How Easy Is It To Buy A Gun Without A Background Check In America?

How fast and easy is it to buy a gun in the U.S? Nowthis went to Las Vegas to find out why the world’s largest gun show was happening there just months after Vegas suffered the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history. During that endeavor, they decided to experiment how easy it is to purchase firearms.

Activist Igor Volsky of Guns Down America, showed how easy it is to find the “online loophole,” which entails purchasing a gun without a background check. It only took them about 15 minutes to find someone who would sell them a gun. But since law forbids guns from being sold to someone out of state, a member of the local film crew was happy to fill in. He was initially skeptical that someone would actually sell him a gun without knowing anything about him.

Regardless he drove to meet the seller in a parking lot and, within a matter of minutes, the exchange was made and he had a functioning gun without having to complete any background check. The crew member, Alex, was honestly surprised that he was actually given the gun that easily. After trying out the gun at a shooting range to see if it was functioning, Alex then took to it to the police station to be destroyed.