How This Divided Family Voted In Texas

These Texas women voted for Beto O’Rourke but their parents voted for Ted Cruz.

“The other day, I put a Beto sign up at the house and I was like, that might not be a good idea,” joked O’Rourke campaign staffer Kalie Quartermane.

“Everything he does is very — it’s authentic, and he’s there for the people,” stated O’Rourke Intern Evey Juarez.

The family has different reasons for voting, but a shared desire to make a difference.

“Before this I was not voting and I said, well if I want to make a difference, I have to go vote,” stated mother Patricia Juarez.
Patricia said she’s voting for Cruz primarily because she’s pro-life.

“Obviously we were raised conservative, not that we have completely, you know, changed, but we just feel that anybody has a choice whether it’s for abortions, whether it’s the stance on gay marriage,” stated Quartermane. “I just feel Beto, he respects everybody.”

Patricia said she’s concerned that O’Rourke would take a away a lot of traditional values. But even when they disagree, the women said they listen to one another.

“My mom is very open-minded and she listens,” Quartermane said. “I think I’ve shared with her a lot and I feel like I’ve kind of maybe helped her understand a little bit more and she’s been more open to the idea.”