ICE Plans to Conduct Nationwide Immigration Raids on Families on Single Sunday

ICE is planning mass nationwide raids this Sunday.
Thousands of immigrant families are targets for deportation, officials said.
“They’re absolutely going to happen,” Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli said. “There’s approximately a million people in this country with removal orders. And of course, that isn’t what ICE will go after in this, but that’s the pool of people who have been all the way through the due process chain.”
The raids will target at least 2,000 immigrants in at least 10 major cities, as well as “collateral” immigrants who are near the scene of a raid. DHA officials raised concerns about arresting babies and young kids and separating families by arresting parents of U.S. citizen children. Families will be sent to detention centers or hotel rooms once full. ICE’s goal is to deport the families as quickly as possible.
Immigrant advocates are reminding families of their right to refuse entry since ICE cannot legally force entry into a home without a judicial warrant.
The threatened ICE raids are @realDonaldTrump again trying to terrorize immigrant families and children,” Senator Mazie Hirono tweeted. “He wants to sow fear among immigrants and call them illegal. No, Mr. President, it is not illegal to seek asylum.”