Igor Volsky: It's Time to Regulate Guns Just Like Cars


Igor Volsky says it’s time to regulate guns like we regulate cars.

“If you look around us, either at states that have fewer gun deaths, or at countries around the world that have only a dozen or so gun deaths every single year, what we’ll find are societies where guns are significantly harder to get for everyone,” he explained.

Volsky said in the United States, politicians have divided people into good guys and bad guys, and argued that only the bad guys should have firearms—but this doesn’t make any sense.

“How do you determine who’s good or who’s bad? And aren’t we all good until we pull the trigger?” he asked.

Volsky says this scenario is similar for traffic laws. For the first half of the twentieth century, we only blamed drivers for traffic deaths. But we eventually stopped blaming only drivers for car deaths, and instead installed speed limits, better lighting, and more safety features, along with increasing the standards for what it takes to get a license. As a result, car deaths plummeted. This process of changing the environment rather than people’s behavior can be applied to guns.

“The government needs to tightly regulate the products the gun industry produces, both assault weapons, but also militarized hand guns, in the same way that we regulate teddy bears, toy cars, and aspirin,” he said.

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