Immigrant-Owned D.C. Restaurant Feeds Anyone in Need

D.C. restaurant Sakina Halal Grill offers free food for anyone in need.

“I discussed with my friend and said like, I’m going to open my restaurant to the homeless community. They said, are you crazy? You’re gonna ruin your business,” explained the restaurant’s Kazi Mannan.

Mannan has served more than 80,000 free meals so far. He said the thought that so many people have to dig through trash cans to find food in one of the richest cities in the world compelled him to want to help the community with his restaurant.

Mannan has owned the Pakistani restaurant since 2013—and he is inviting President Trump to come and share a meal.  

“I am a little guy sitting here. If you ever want, I’m offering you for life, free meals—President, I’m offering you for life a free meal to my restaurant and we will have a beautiful family chat where I want to change your mind,” he stated.

The restaurant has many regular non-paying guests. He says that the customers in need are the first ones he wants to serve, and believes that “in giving that will multiply your blessing.” He wishes that some of the people leading the country would follow his example.

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