Inclusive Musical Makes Sure All Children Are Represented

This musical gives children with disabilities the spotlight.

A disability rights activist and an acclaimed theatre producer teamed up to make “Addy and Uno,” a show that shines a spotlight on being a kid with disabilities.  

“I never got to see someone on any kind of stage whether it was theater, of in movies, or on television that looked like me.” Anastasia Somoza explained. “This is the first opportunity that children have now to see characters on the stage that look like them or resemble their life experience in some way.”

After the show, there is a meet and greet with the actors, giving attendees an opportunity to see their favorite characters up close and personal.

“And I think all of us, whether you have a disability or not, need to be reminded of how important kindness is, especially in today’s climate.” Somoza stated. “I think it’s really extraordinary to send the message to children with disabilities too, that if they are creative, to pursue those creative talents, and that they could be on stages like this one day in the future.

The musical is so feel-good and would be a valuable experience for any child, regardless of if they have a disability or not.