Jay Ellis on Politically Conscious Media


“Insecure” star Jay Ellis explained exactly why representation matters.

“Entertainment has played such a role in politics and in showing moments of what our country and specific communities and cultures in our country have gone through,” he explained. “And I think, in times like this, when people are not being treated fairly, and being detained at borders, and walls are being built, and families are being separated, and the question of the power of the pardon is being used irresponsibly — I think it is important for us to talk these things through story, when it makes sense.”

As a person of color, Ellis says he has a legacy of family separation behind him at the hands of the government. And, in light of the inhumane acts that have been happening to immigrants in America, he wants the families to know that their pain is being seen. He also gets excited knowing that the work he has done on screen has helped viewers feel more represented.

“It’s important because I think it shows people what you can do and you can be in life through these characters, and whatever their occupations may be,” he said. “But then also, it shows people who don’t look like us that we’re human. That we are walking through this life just like everyone else with the same wants and dreams and aspirations but there are layers of difficulties and layers of obstacles that have been put in front of us.”

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