Jay Inslee Explains Why Climate Change is His Top Priority in Race to 2020

Presidential candidate Jay Inslee’s first priority will be rolling back climate change.

“We are out of time. There is just no more time,” the Washington, D.C. Governor explained. “I couldn’t look my grandkids in the eyes on my last days if I didn’t do everything possible to fight climate change and give them a chance.”

Inslee says that extreme precipitation events have increased 40% in the Midwest in the last 60 years, and they are probably going to increase another 30% at least in the upcoming decades. He led a 100% clean energy bill in Washington state. If passed, the state will run on only carbon-free resources by 2045.

“We can do this and grow jobs by the millions, putting people to work building wind turbines. We got a labor leader here building wind turbines,” he said. “We got people building electric cars in Michigan, great American workers. We got people building batteries in Nevada. This is a job creating opportunity for us.”

The state is already 75% of the way to 100% clean energy, with only 24% of its energy coming from coal and natural gas. Inslee says he wants clean energy to be a reality for the entire country.

“This is our only chance to get this job done,” he said.