Jimmy Gomez Got Michael Cohen to Admit Trump's Lies about Tax Return

Representative Jimmy Gomez got Michael Cohen to admit Trump is lying about his tax returns.

Gomez sits on the Ways and Means Committee, which has the authority to request a president’s tax returns.

“We need to know if there’s any kind of conflicts of interest that this president has been hiding from the American people from the day he ran for office,” he explained.

Every elected president since Nixon has released his tax returns.

“We we’re gonna do is really have a series of hearings on presidential candidates in the past, how they provided their own tax returns, and then start laying out a case to the American people why these tax returns are actually needed,” Gomez said.

Trump’s financial ties to places like Russia and Saudi Arabia have raised red flags for investigators. And his tax returns are just one of several issues the Ways and means Committee wants to look into.

“The House Ways and Means Committee is one of the most powerful committees in the entire House. It deals with tax policy and revenue, but also deals with this Executive Branch,” Gomez said. “We’re gonna hold this administration accountable. But we’re also gonna set up a case, and we’re gonna spell out questions about this president’s tax returns.”

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