Joe Kennedy III Explains Why DREAMers are True Americans

Representative Joe Kennedy III says DREAMers are just as American as his family or yours.

“When I think of the values, the aspirations, the bedrock foundations of what make this country so great, it is that it has been, for literally centuries, a beacon of light and hope that values individual rights and fundamental freedoms, where the labor of you work can bear fruits for your family, where you can be protected, and your potential can be realized,” he stated.

Kennedy believes that we already know how history will play out in regard to immigration to America, because most Americans have their own immigration stories. He also believes the country has an opportunity to stand on the right side of history, when it comes to the DREAMers.

“We need to make sure that our colleagues understand that if this administration is not going to address this problem, if Congress is not going to find a fix to this, then we, in November, are gonna fix Congress because we’re gonna strand for our neighbors and our friends stand for our community members, and stand for the values that have always guided this country, and that — yes — have made this country great,” he said.

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