Katie Hill Wants to Give Electoral Power Back to the People with HR 1

Katie Hill wants to give electoral power back to the people with HR 1.

“You may know about the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United,” she stated. “It was pretty messed up.”

In a very controversial decision, the Supreme Court decided that corporations were considered people and can give unlimited money to campaigns through corporate PACs. This allowed for floods of big money into the political system. The wealthiest special interests could now donate to campaigns of people they think they can control — and those interests aren’t always aligned with the majority of Americans’.

“Right now, decisions are being made based on money coming from big oil companies, big pharmaceutical companies, and big banks, instead of what’s best for us,” Hill explained.

This is why the new representative is co-sponsoring a bill called HR 1, which focuses on giving power back to people, not corporations. The bill would establish automatic voter registration, strengthen the voting Rights Act, and put a stop to gerrymandering by giving independent commissions the redistricting map. It also works to limit the influence of corporate money by mandating more transparency of outside contributions.

“We were elected to office because we aren’t insiders. We are actually representative of the public that we’re supposed to serve,” Hill said. “And that’s exactly why I’m so proud to support HR 1.”