Korean K9 Rescue Org Saves Dogs from Korea's Meat Trade

Dogs rescued from Korea’s meat trade are getting a 2nd chance, thanks to Korean K9 Rescue.
“We rescue dogs from South Korea, and we bring them to New York City and adopt them,” the nonprofit’s founder Gina Boehler explained.  
Approximately 17,000 farms in South Korea raise dogs for meat. Which is usually eaten during “Boknal,” the three hottest summer days. Some believe it boosts energy and virility and helps them endure the heat. Animal rights activists have fought the trade for years and the industry is shrinking.
Korean K9 Rescue holds weekly adoption events in New York City. Boehler says many of the can’t get adopted in South Korea because there is a belief that mixed dogs are not as special as purebreds. This means that Korean shelters have a very high euthanasia rate. They also require every dog adopter to go through training at facilities like Dream Come True K9, since many of the dogs have experienced trauma and can be skittish.
“Unfortunately, a lot of times people do what they want,” Dog trainer and Dream Come True K9 founder Blake Rodriguez explained in reference to prospective adopters. “They view it as, ‘Oh it’s ok,’ but the dog might not perceive it that way.”