Lauren Underwood Is Running for Congress to Protect Your Health Care


Lauren Underwood wants to bring her know-how to Congress.

“I spent my career as a public health nurse, which means I’ve worked to help communities and populations have healthier lives. And part of that includes promoting preventive health care services,” she explained.

Underwood says that the Affordable Care Act’s many services, which help people — including those with pre-existing conditions — get the care they need regardless of the cost, is being attacked by Washington Republicans.

“I’m one of the 320,000 American living in the Illinois 14th with a pre-existing condition,” she explained. “My pre-existing condition is a heart condition that I was diagnosed with in elementary school.”

Underwood recently won the endorsement of former President Obama.

“It was such a joyous moment,” she said. “In the middle of the heart of our district that I could share with a supporter. To say that a president that I admire so much has our back in the fight to flip the seat.”

Underwood believes that we have a real opportunity for a generation leadership shift in the Congress.

“It’s time that our generation is represented at these policy-making tables because so often the decisions that are being made impact our lives and well being,” she said.