Lawyer Describes Inhumane Conditions Among Children at Border Patrol Facility

Lawyer Warren Binford found children in shockingly inhumane conditions.

“This was a facility that wasn’t even on our radar careen until last week, when we heard that a significant number of children appeared to be moved to this facility, which is an adult Border Patrol facility,” she explained. “Once we saw the roster with the children there, we saw that there were infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children, over 320 of them on Monday when we arrived.”

Binford says the children were “dirty,” “sad” and many of them were sick. There had also reportedly been an influenza outbreak at the site, and children were being put into isolation.

“They are not being fed adequate amounts of food, they’re being given no fruit, no vegetables, the same instant foods every single day, day after day,” she said. “The children don’t have anyone to care for them, and so the guards are bringing in younger children who have been taken away from their parents or other family members, and are asking, ‘Who in this room wants to take care of this little boy of this little girl?’”

There are almost half a dozen children who have died in these facilities. Currently more than 300 children are being moved out of Clint, Texas’ camp following news reports like Binford’s of their conditions.