Linda Sarsour on Ramadan


The month of Ramadan is here — but what exactly does that mean?

1.7 billion Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan, which is one of the holiest times in the Islamic calendar. For the entire month, observers strive for God consciousness by fasting every day, from sunrise to sunset, then pray and recite Quran in the evenings. Muslims generally take this time to practice the values of generosity and graciousness, while reconnecting with God. In order to be a good Muslim ally during Ramadan, activist Linda Sarsour suggests keeping several things in mind:

“Respect Ramadan the same way people respect Christmas, Chanukah, Lent or other religious observances,” she explained. “For the love of God, do your homework. Please don’t ask the same questions repeatedly — no. Not even water. Coffee and food withdrawal is a thing for many so forgive us if we’re a little cranky the first couple of day.”

Sarsour also suggests asking observers what they’re honoring during Ramadan —not just what they’re sacrificing. She also suggests using the month to educate yourself about Islam and Muslims by asking them about their culture, or reading/watching something with Muslim characters. Charitable giving is also paramount during Ramadan so she suggests donating to a local or national Muslim organization if you’re in a giving mood.

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