Linda Sarsour Explains Why the Media Got It Wrong About Gaza and Palestine

Political activist Linda Sarsour explained what the media got wrong about the recent conflict in Gaza.

“When the headlines say, ‘people died in Gaza,’ it breaks my heart because people didn’t choose to die,” she explained. “People were killed, they were massacred at the hands of snipers.”

On May 14th, 2018, Israeli Troops killed at least 58 Palestinians. But multiple news organizations stated that the Gazans has simply “died” with no reference to how they were killed or by whom. It was the deadliest single day for Palestinians since 2014. The UN Council has condemned Israel for “human rights violations,” but little has been done in terms of justice for the lives lost.

“These are people who are demanding basic human rights. The right to travel, the right to live, the right to work, the right to move freely within their country, and the right to return to their original homelands. People will tell you that standing up for the Palestinian people is not a politically expedient cause. But when has there ever been a cause that was politically expedient?” asked Sarsour. “I am asking you today to stand up for the Palestinian people. Not because it’s easy, [but] because it’s hard.”

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