Manny A. Faces Deportation is SCOTUS Rules Against DACA Recipients

Multiple Grammy-winning artist and business owner Manny A. might lose his right to stay in the country along with 700,000 other DACA recipients if Trump gets his way.
“I was born in Nigeria, and I moved to the States when I was nine, in 2003,” he explained. “My family moved here for good opportunities and to kind of start a new legacy, I guess.”
Manny said that being undocumented affects everything from health care to financial aid for school. His family struggled to get he and his sisters an education, and his father eventually got deported. This meant he had to step up and take even more responsibility for his future.
“I started noticing how, like, music made me feel and how therapeutic it was,” he said.
He then received DACA in 2013, protecting him from deportation and allowing him to work legally. The Supreme Court will soon decide if Trump’s move to end DACA was unlawful. For now, existing DACA recipients can still renew their status
“DACA recipients, a lot of us are here to make change,” Manny stated. “We’re here to grow with the country. And we’re here to provide for our families.
United We Dream is building a movement to fight from DACA recipients.