March for Our Lives Lays Out Bold Plan for Gun Reform


March for Our Lives has a bold new plan to reduce gun violence, with or without lawmakers.
“While we wait, nearly 40,000 Americans still die every year from gun violence, and the number of mass shootings continues to rise,” Parkland shooting survivor Tyah-Amoy Roberts explained.
March for Our Lives is launching the Peace Plan for a Safer America, an ambitious and intersectional plan that would hopefully reduce gun deaths in the U.S. by half in just 10 years, including suicides, urban shootings, deaths from domestic violence, and police brutality.
The plan would change the standards of gun ownership via federal licensing program. It would also hold the gun lobby and gun industry accountable for decades of reckless behavioral that puts the country at risk.
“It’s time to bring them to justice for the harm they’ve brought.” Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg stated.  
The plan would appoint a Director of Gun Violence Prevention that reports directly to the president, and who will operationalize the federal government to meet their goals. It would also fund groups striving to save lives in their specific communities. Finally, it would empower the next generation by automatically registering all eligible voters when they turn 18.
“We cannot wait for Mitch McConnell to decide when the time is right to save lives,” said Roberts. “For man, it’s already too late.”
Visit to learn more about how to support the Peace Plan.

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