Mayor Bill de Blasio on Failures of NAFTA and Trump's 'New NAFTA'

2020 candidate and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says the original NAFTA duped working people—and Trump's new deal will fail them again. “We were told it was going to make everyone more prosperous and was going to reach working people,” he explained. “What happened? It made big corporations more prosperous.” De Blasio warned that this could all happen again, thanks to the Trump Administration’s U.S.-Canada-Mexico Agreement, explaining that it is basically the exact same agreement with a few tweaks that make it worse. “He actually gave more power to Big Pharmaceutical companies, more power to the Big Oil companies,” he explained. “The new NAFTA actually takes away power from working people even more, and gives it to the 1%.” De Blasio said the bill will be sent to Congress and Democrats will have the chance to decide if they’re going to stand up for working people. “Here’s a chance to not only right the wrong for NAFTA. Here’s a chance to show that we are actually a party of working people,” he said. De Blasio said that if Democrats can prove that they stand with working-class Americans, they’ll have a better shot at taking down Trump in 2020. He also encouraged them to imagine what a trade bill that was actually inclusive to working people would look like, and work to execute it.

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