Meet Nashville Metro Council Candidate Zulfat Suara

Tennesseans are set to elect their first Muslim lawmaker— Metro Council At-Large candidate Zulfat Suara.
“I am an American citizen who happens to be Black, who happens to be a woman, who happens to be Muslim,” she explained to The Tennessee Holler. “But I’m an American, and I have every right to give back. I have every right to run.”
Suara emigrated from Nigeria in 1993 and came to Nashville in 1998. She’s running for a seat on the city’s Metro Council. She is a certified accountant with a private practice and an organizer working to empower professional women in Tennessee.
After placing second among 15 candidates, Suara will proceed to a runoff election on September 12.
“We had a lot of naysayers from the beginning that say I should not even bother to run for at-large, and tonight we proved them wrong,” she said on August 1. “We had people that said a Muslim would not even come close in this race, tonight we prove them wrong.”
Suara’s candidacy platform is centered on more school funding, setting a livable wage, and increased community participation in the budget process. Nashville’s Metro Council runoff will take place on September 12, 2019.