Meet The Transgender Republicans At CPAC

Several transgender Republicans spoke out at the recent CPAC conference.

“One of the most conservative things you can actually do, if you think about it, is be transgender. Because you’re seizing your identity, you’re seizing who you are and saying to the world, “I’m living free as myself, I’m living authentically. I fully believe in limited government, but that limited government extends to not telling people who they should be married to or who should they be.” Jennifer Williams stated. “This is my tent, so I’ve been here since the days when almost anyone from the stage could say what they wanted about our community and I’ve seen the growth and the change, to where there’s not even one workshop regarding traditional marriage.”

“This is my second CPAC. 2014 I came here pre-transition, and I didn’t know if I would ever have the change to come back, or have a spot in the Republican party.” Adelynn Campbell stated. “What I would do with mike Pence is what I would do with anybody. I would just tell them my story, and I would get to know them as a person, one-on-one. I believe that getting to know each other on a human level is an essential stepping stone to getting us on a policy level.”