Melissa Ryan of Ctrl Alt Right Delete on Growing Violence from the Far-Right

Ctrl Alt Right Delete’s Melissa Ryan says far-right violence has been on the rise in America.

“The Washington Post reported that ‘violence by white supremacists and other far-right attackers has been on the rise since Obama’s presidency — but has surged since Trump took office,’” she explained.

The Post’s analysis also found that “over the past ten years violent attackers with right-wing political ideologies have committed dozens of shootings, bombings and other violent attacks, more than any other category of domestic extremist.”

Ryan says, for the far-right movement, violence is a feature, not a bug, and that terror and the threat of terror is part of their political strategy. She also says organized groups online have graduated from cyberbullying and memes to participating in paramilitary trainings for a so-called “forthcoming race war.”

“After years of recruiting foot soldiers and priming them for violence, the far-right is now developing the infrastructure needed to mobilize and deploy them,” she explained.

But Ryan says there is good news and that the days of the far-right’s activities being ignored by the federal government are probably over.
“Next year the House of Representatives will have a Democratic majority and Democratic committee chairs have promised to hold the Trump administration and their far-right allies accountable,” she said.

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