Nancy Pelosi Has Harsh Words for the 'Five White Guys' Drafting Legislation

Representative Nancy Pelosi just blasted the politions who are running the last-minute immigration talks, referring to them as “five white guys.”

“The “five white guys,” I call them — are you going to open a hamburger stand next or what?” Pelosi joked at a press conference. “That could’ve been done four months ago. The very idea that this week they are saying, ‘Why don’t we get four white guys and General Kelly to come and do this?’ You have to understand in our caucus, we are blessed with great diversity. Understanding of the issues, the ability to translate policy into the lives of people, the sensitivity, even on the wording, is really important for people who have been engaged in these issues to be there at the table, and they’ve been working on it in a bipartisan way for a long time. To ignore all of that and say, “Well, four of us are going to go in a room with General Kelly and we’re going to come with something, Well they could’ve done that four months ago.”

The “five guys” mentioned are Chief of Staff John Kelly, Republican Senator John Cornyn, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy and Democratic Representative Steny Hoyer.