Nancy Pelosi Held An Eight Hour Filibuster On Behalf Of DREAMers

Nancy Pelosi just gave the longest speech in the Chamber ever — and people were cheering her on while she persisted. The House Minority Leader spoke for eight hours on behalf of DREAMers and people were quick to note, she did it all in four-inch heels!

Congresswoman Jackie Speier tweeted, “She spoke for 8 hours and 5 minutes in 4 inch heels because #DACADreamers kids are worth it! #DACAbuster.”

#Go NancyGo also quickly became a trending hashtag.

@adambest tweeted, “Nancy Pelosi gave the longest continuous House speech ever. 8 hours. At 77 years old. In heels. Fighting like hell for the 800k DREAMers. On days like today, Pelosi haters on both the right and the left look foolish. #GoNancyGo.”

Randi Mayem Singer tweeted, “Duh, women are always the best filibusters. #GoNancyGo.”

Donna Brazile tweeted, “Who stood up for you today? I stand with @NancyPelosi. #GoNancyGo 8 hours.”

Even Wendy Davis, who staged a famous 13-hour filibuster in 2013, gave Pelosi props, tweeting, “Amoung favorite lines of @NancyPelosi today: “I have no intention of yielding.” Back in TX, “I will not yield” became a rally cry in 2013. Difference is, sneakers while she was in her characteristic 4” high heels. To that, I would definitely yield. You are a goddess Madame Leader.”

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