NARAL's Ilyse Hogue on the Gains of the Abortion Rights Movement

NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Ilyse Hogue says that the country is in the fight of its life to save Roe v. Wade—but that there are “bright spots in this otherwise grim picture.”
“We are the true majority. And we won’t let our fundamental freedoms be trampled,” she said. “We won’t sit back, and we won’t give politicians control over our bodies. We won’t let our lives be dictated by people who can’t possibly know what’s best for ourselves or our families.”
With the help of NARAL, The state of Nevada has already taken steps to protect women’s reproductive rights be electing pro-choice champions to the state House and creating the first female-majority legislature in the country. This lead to the repealing of laws criminalizing abortion.
“NARAL members there flooded their legislators with phone calls and letters,” said Hogue. “They drove hours and hours to the capital, demanding action to safeguard reproductive freedom. The hard work paid off and reminds us what’s possible when we speak out together.”
Washington, New York, Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island also took steps to protect the right to abortion this year, while Massachusetts and California could both still take action to protect our reproductive freedom before session wrap up.
“Just like we have in Washington, New York, Illinois, Nevada, Maine, and states across the country, we will speak up and throw down,” said Hogue. “Because we’re ready for this fight. And together, we’re going to win it.”