New Mississippi Electronic Voting System Malfunctions During Election

A Mississippi voting machine kept changing a man’s vote to a candidate who he didn’t want to vote for. He was trying to vote for Bill Waller in Mississippi’s race to decide the GOP nominee for governor but the machine repeatedly selected Tate Reeves. State officials said the machine was taken offline.
19 votes had been cast on the machine before the issue was addressed. In total, three malfunctioning machines were reported in two Mississippi counties. Paperless machines are particularly vulnerable to hacking or tampering.
A report in American election security by the Brennan Center found that 11 states rely on paperless machines for their elections.
“Experts have long warned that these machines are a security risk because they do not allow election officials or the public to confirm electronic vote totals,” the Brennan Center for Justice stated. “We estimate that as many as 12 percent of voters (approximately 16 million voters) will vote on paperless equipment in November 2020.
The House passed an election security bill in June 2019. The bill requires paper ballots for federal elections and provides grant money to help states update and secure voting systems. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has blocked the bill in the Senate.