Enough is Enough

New Zealand Vows to Change Its Gun Laws After Christchurch Terror Attacks

New Zealand vowed to change its gun laws after mass shootings at two mosques left at least 50 dead.

During a vigil for the victims of the attack, Attorney General David Parker said the country would ban semi-automatic rifles, stating, “They have no place in civil society.”

His statements came just hours after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called for gun reform in the country, stating she wanted “to speak specifically about the firearms used in this terrorist act.”

“I can tell you one thing right now: Our gun laws will change,” she explained. “There have been attempts to change our laws in 2005, 2012, and after an inquiry in 2017. Now is the time for change.”

Dozens of others were also injured after a gunman opened fire on worshippers. The main suspect is a 28-year-old alleged white supremacist from Australia who reportedly had a legal gun license and was not on any watch lists in New Zealand or Australia. The suspect will appear in court on March 16.