Op-Ed: Why EPA Head Scott Pruitt Deserves to Be Fired


Actor John Slattery and director Fisher Stevens think Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, should be fired.
Pruitt has been accused of expensing lavish purchases, which is an immense abuse of power.

“He spent tens of thousands of dollars decorating his office, including re-furnishing an antique desk, and building a $43,000 soundproof phone booth,” said Stevens.

He has also removed staff members who have tried to bring these unfair expenses to light — like his deputy chief of staff, who was both a Republican and long-time Trump loyalist.

The worst part of Pruitt’s many offenses is that they may also be corrupting the health and well-being of American citizens. According to American Progress’ SVP of Energy and Environment Policy, Christy Goldfuss, in March of last year, Pruitt refused to ban a dangerous pesticide that causes brain damage in children, according to EPA scientists.  He made this decision shortly after meeting with a top chemical industry executive from the company that produces the pesticide.

In order to combat his alleged unlawful actions, Slattery and Stevens encourage people to go to NRDC.org/FirePruitt and demand that congressional representatives speak out or fire him for his actions. Taking advantage of taxpayer dollars and colluding with dangerous companies are serious offenses, and many want Pruitt to answer for his alleged actions.

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