Opinion: Trump's Immigration Policies Are About Racism, Not Safety

The battle for the rights of families separated by the Trump administration isn’t over, even though an executive order has been signed.

Once Trump took office, the anatomization of immigrants increased drastically and the ICE began detaining people outside of courthouses, churches, hospitals, and even schools. And after the administration announced its zero tolerance policy, which criminally processes asylum seekers, ICE also began separating children from their parents and throwing them in detention centers. The administration claims that these policies were passed to keep the country safe — but it’s hard to ignore their racist implications.

Trump has been extremely outspoken when it comes to his opinion of immigrants, claiming they’re bringing drugs and crime into the country — even though studies have shown that immigrants have less criminal convictions than native-born Americans — and though asylum seekers usually come to America to flee crime and conviction in their own countries, Trump and his administration’s policies make them into the criminals, and punishes them accordingly.

Although the policy’s cruel practices were called off, there are still plenty of unfair policies being ordered at immigrants’ expense, like the latest travel ban. But supporting grassroots and legal organizations advocating for migrant people can help ensure some of them get justice. Finding out what your state representative’s stance on immigration is and demanding just reform can also help solve this effectively racist immigration problem.

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