Parkland Father Fred Guttenberg On Trump's SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh

 Brett Kavanaugh turned his back on Fred Guttenberg, the father of a Parkland victim.

“My daughter would expect me to do what I’m doing right now and with her on my shoulder, I have no choice. I know this is what she would expect of her dad,” he stated.

Guttenberg approached Kavanaugh for a handshake, but he refused.

“I walk up to where the senators are sitting in that table and I see Judge Kavanaugh is in the process of getting up. I reach out to shake his hand,” he stated. “And I said nothing more than, ‘Hello, Judge Kavanaugh. My name is Fred Guttenberg. I am the father of Jaime Guttenberg who was murdered in Parkland.’ As soon as I got to the ‘murdered in Parkland’ part, he does a real quick turn to start walking away.”

Guttenberg says that Kavanaugh had his chance to show he cares about the victims of gun violence as much as he does about gun purveyors — but he didn’t. He also said that important gun-reform cases might be compromised if Kavanaugh becomes a justice.

“The kid who killed my daughter — every red flag existed, and yet the law was not able to prevent him from buying a weapon,” he said. “We need to do more, without restricting the Second Amendment to protect the rights of everyone else who simply wants to be safe.”

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