People In Kenya, Nigeria React To Trump's 'Shithole' Comment

Africans have been reacting to our president calling their home a “sh*thole.”

“I’m honestly so shocked. “Sh*t countries?” Like, has he ever been to this country to call it a “sh*t country?’” Asked a resident of Nairobi, Kenya. “Has he seen the achievements that Africans have done in his country?”

“For him to say that we are a ‘sh*thole’ country is an abuse to all of us.” Said other. “We are developing at our own level. We can’t compare ourselves to [the U.S.] who have been independent for 200 years or so.”

"[The U.S.] gain more from Africa because ever right in their own states, they have a lot of immigrants who work for them, because even their own country they don’t even work.” Stated a Lagos, Nigeria resident.

“It’s not unexpected from somebody of his nature owing to the fact that we already know his kind of person.” Said another. “All we got to do as Africans is step up our games.”

During a bipartisan meeting on immigration reform, Trump reportedly asked why the U.S. was granting immigration protections to people who came from “sh*thole” countries like Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations. He has received immense backlash since the comments were made public.