Phoenix Parents Speak Out After Police Held Them at Gunpoint

Phoenix Police threatened to shoot a pregnant mom with her children after her four-year-old allegedly took a doll from a store—now the family is speaking out.

“It’s frightening to put family lives at state over materials of whatever,” Dravon Ames said. “A four-year-old has to look a barrel in the eyes. A one-year-old has to get her arm squeezed and pulled by an officer. A pregnant mother has to look a barrel in the eye.”

The incident was captured on video by bystanders.

“I feel like we wouldn’t be sitting here today it is wasn’t for those people who recorded, because them officers came at us so hard and didn’t think twice about my children, didn’t have no sympathy that I had a four-year-old and a one-year-old in the car,” Iesha Harper stated.

The Phoenix Police Department released their report of the incident, which appears to have some misleading claims. It makes no mention of the officer’s threats to the family and mischaracterizes how he treated Ames. The reports also says the officer “feared” the pregnant women.

Team Roc, a philanthropic organization associated with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation has offered legal counsel to the family, and has called for the officer’s terminations.