Photographer Fired Over Proof Swamp Not Being Drained

This photographer was fired by the Trump administration for leaking a photo of Trump’s energy secretary hugging a coal executive.

“My name is Simon Edelman. I was formerly the chief creative officer for the Department of Energy. They asked me to go photograph a meeting with Secretary [Rick] Perry and coal baron Bob Murray. The meeting was not business as usual. It was business as usual for them because as soon as Bob walked into the room, they greeted each other with a bear hug. And then they got right down to business and Bob Murray gave him an action plan with basically a wish list that described everything that he wanted done that would benefit his business and the coal industry.”

Edelman went on to say, “As a government employee, I have the first amendment right to speak to the press if I feel that there are corrupt things. And, in this situation, that was one of them. So, I exercised my rights to do that and I was retaliated against for it. Within hours they put me on administrative leave and then fired me. Didn’t tell me why, and then told me to delete evidence, which is an obstruction of justice.”