Piper Perabo on Why Midterms Matter

If you think your vote doesn’t matter because your candidate is “safe,” actress and activist Piper Perabo has advice for you.

“If your own home district is not a competitive race, it’s still important that you vote,” she explained. “There are so many elected positions on the ballot, and even if, say, your senator is a sure win, you need to make sure every one of the people that you believe in is gonna win.”

Perabo said that all political figures up for election need to be paid attention to — especially in local offices and the state legislature.
“That’s who decides on the minimum wage. That’s who decides on gun laws, on voting rights, on reproductive health,” she said.

She also advised voters to visit SwingLeft.org to see where there are competitive swing districts near them, so they can get involved.
Andy Kim is running for Congress in Perabo’s New Jersey hometown and Representative Tom MacArthur is the incumbent. He’s also known for his amendment that would have helped repeal Obamacare.

“When Andy Kim started running, everybody said it was impossible,” she explained. “Oftentimes, these races come down to a few hundred votes. In our last election, it was only a matter of thousands of votes that decided the difference of electing those who represent our interests and values, and those who don’t.”

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