President Trump’s State of the Union Was a Middle Finger to Immigrants

Trumps first State of the Union address was basically a giant middle finger to DREAMers and immigrants. According to senior correspondent Versha Sharma, Trump devoted a significant part of his speech to immigration, but there’s some important context to what was said.

He opened the speech by listing some of the recent mass shootings that America has experienced — none of which were committed by immigrants — then failed to bring up anything regarding gun reform.

He also said in his speech that current immigration policy allows a single legal immigrant to bring unlimited amounts of family into the country, which is something he wants to adjust. This is incorrect because there are strict categories set in place for family members who can be sponsored by green card holders. What’s more is that Trump’s family wouldn’t have been able to come into the country if these policies hadn’t been in place.

Despite all the time Trump spent fear mongering in his speech, he did no mention that in total, MS-13 accounts for less than one percent of all U.S. gang membership. Immigrants, both documented and undocumented, commit crimes at far lower rates than those who were born in the country. No matter what politicians say, most dangerous crimes in the country are not happening because of immigration policy.