Rep Joe Crowley on Donald Trump and Queens, New York


Joe Crowley (D-NY) has represented his home base of Woodside, Queens in Congress for almost 20 years — but doesn’t think that Trump shares his fervor for the borough.  

“Queens is a very ethnically diverse, racially diverse borough. — 2.4 million people,” he explained. “We have a large immigrant population. About 60% of the people in my district weren’t born in the United States, weren’t born in Queens. Everything this president has done since he’s taken office has attacked my constituents, almost on a daily basis.”

Trump may be from Queens, but Crowley doesn’t believe that any of his ethics or worldviews match those of his old neighborhood.

“I don’t really know of the president like that, of Donald Trump like that. Never heard him speak in that positive kind of way of his experiences in Queens County,” he explained. “What I know about then is that he and his father were involved in race baiting and redlining when it came to renting in Brooklyn. But I think it is in line with a lot of what we hear from the president especially when it comes to the issue, I think, of the rise in white supremacy and saying that there are good, decent people on both sides of this issue. There aren’t. And I think that’s a moral flaw within the president himself.”

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