Reverend Jim Martin Discusses the Moral Imperative to Welcome Migrant Children


Reverend Jim Martin believes that conservative Christians using the Bible to justify anti-immigrant and anti-refugee policies are wrong.

“Some conservatives Christians argue that they’re breaking the law by coming across the border. Well first of all, seeking asylum is a human right. Second, these Christians know that the law is not the only judge of morality,” he explained. “There are unjust laws. After all, some of those same Christians have no trouble saying that other laws are unjust, like abortion and same-sex marriage.”

The reverend and editor-at-large at American Magazine is critical of politicians who use Bible verses to justify things like the family separation policy, even though the Old and New Testaments largely advocate for welcoming immigrants and refugees. He also urges Americans to learn the stories of migrants and refugees before antagonizing them.

“The next time you’re tempted to think of a migrant or a refugee as an animal infesting our country, remember that they’re human being with stories, just like you,” he stated. “And they are doing exactly what you would do if your family were in danger. And if that still doesn’t work, ask yourself what you’re going to say at the end of your life when God asks you, ‘How did you care for your brothers and sisters who were refugees and migrants?’”

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