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Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló Calls Out Trump's Lie on Hurricane Maria Relief

Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló is calling out Trump for lying about aid funding.

“There is not a check for $91 billion that has arrived to Puerto Rico for our recovery. That is incorrect,” he stated. “There have been several funds that have arrived for emergency, and we want to make sure that others arrive.”

Trump has repeatedly claimed that Puerto Rico has received $91 billion in aid and that the people of Puerto Rico “should really like President Trump.” But Puerto Rico as only received $100 million in disaster relief.

The White House claims the $91 billion figure comes from possible future aid. But Congress has not yet approved such appropriations.
“We have established a thorough, collaborative effort to evaluate what’s the damage assessment. That damage assessment in the latest iteration was $139 billion,” Rosselló said. “So far, certain funds have been allocated, have been appropriated, have been obligated, but not a lot of them have arrived to Puerto Rico.”

3.4 million Americans live in Puerto Rico, more than in 21 states. But they have no vote in Congress and can’t vote for president.

“There’s also another thing that’s very important that we’re asking in these recovery bills, which is a fair and equal treatment of Puerto Rico,” Rosselló said.