Ron Wyden On Trump Allowing Foster Care Agencies to Engage in Religious Discrimination

Senator Ron Wyden says Trump is allowing foster care agencies to engage in religious discrimination.

“The Trump administration is now allowing foster care agencies in South Carolina to discriminate against prospective foster and adoptive parents based on their religion,” he stated. “People who are qualified and willing to provide safe and comforting homes for foster children in the state are gonna be turned away just because they’re Jewish, or not Protestant, or practice no faith at all.”

Potential LGBTQ+ parents will also be turned away based on the Trump-approved policy — and this was reportedly done under the radar at the request of Republican Governor Henry McMaster.

In the past, the Miracle Hill program and other federal-funded based foster care providers in South Carolina have made many discriminatory decisions, like denying same-sex couples access to child welfare agencies. With Trump’s blessing, they can continue freely with these practices—which could have dire consequences to an already volatile system.

“Our country has seen a spike in foster care caseloads across the country. To a great extent, it’s been brought on by the opioid epidemic,” Wyden said. “Children in America now are sleeping on the streets and in temporary shelters, when they deserve a safe home.”

In short, Trump’s discriminatory policy would rather deny perfectly-qualified parents than give children in need a home.

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