Rose McGowan on the Rise of Abortion Bans in the U.S.

Rose McGowan has a message for the lawmakers who are passing anti-abortion legislation in multiple states.

“You’re actually killing young girls and women. You’re actually having blood on your hands. And you know it. And you sleep at night. And you know it’s not true. And you know it’s all for spin,” she stated. “You have no say, you have not right. It’s not about, men have no rights over women’s bodies. Nobody has the right over our bodies.”

The actress and activist is urging all Americans to fight for women’s rights while change is still possible.

“Me and so many f*cking other and so many others have been screaming this, but it wasn’t until, it’s like the climate, man, it’s not until it gets to critical mass that people are like, oh sh*t,” she said. “Yeah, oh sh*t. This has been systematic. This has been happening in front of our eyes. It didn’t just happen.

McGowan's final encouragement was to “rise the f*ck up.”

“It’s our critical hour at this point,” she said. “Get mad. Get mad. Get mad. It’s time. It’s been time. It’s not gonna be fun. And it’s not a fun conversation to have. But it’s f*cking critical hour, and you need to do this.”

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